Babbit Foundry:

Specializing in Turbine, Marine, and Spring Type Bearings

Thrust Pad Bearing Repairs
Centrifugal and Static Pouring
Extensive Mandrel Inventory
Ultrasonic Bond Inspection Available


Certified Manpower: AWS D1.1-90
Heliarc, T.L.G., Stick/Rod Brazing, Air-arc
Comprehensive Stock of Rod & Wire
Millermatic 250x Mig Welders
Lincoln Pro-Cut 125 Plasma Cutting System
Pre/Post Heating Equipment
Welding Positioner Equipment
Spec Repairs: U.S. Navy and American Bureau of Shipping

Submerged-Arc Welding:

Dedicated Lathe (48" x 260")
Dedicated Welders:
Airco PA-3A
Hobart MEGA-MIG 650
Complete Stock of Wires & Oven-Dried Fluxes


Rototech Metalizing w/ Selection of Powders in Stock
Eutectic-Castolin Terodyn 2000 System


Magnaflux Equipment
Spotcheck Dye Penetrant
Ultrasonic Inspection Available
36" x 48" Granite Surface Table
Various Steel Surface Tables
Wilson "Rockwell" Hardness Tester
Certified Inspection Micrometers and Indicators

Portable On-Site Equipment:

Hydraulic Drive Boring Bars and Facing Heads
Electric and Gasoline-Powered Hydraulic Units
Gasoline-Powered AC/DC Welders
Portable Jacks:
• 175-Ton Jack
• 100-Ton Jack
• 50-Ton Narrow Jack
10,000 PSI Portapower Hydraulic Pump
Uni-Tek 300SH Disintegrator w/ Magnetic base
Climax Portable Key Mill

Miscellaneous Equipment:

#3A-HFR Mitts & Merrill Keyseater (max. cut: 2-1/2" wide x 24" long stroke)
Trinco Shot Blast (36" x 36" x 24")
Various Rotary Tables & Indexing Heads


Pick-up and Delivery Service Available

1-Ton and  3/4-Ton Pick-up Trucks

6-Ton 8’ x 20’ Flatbed Trailer

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